Book This: When You Were Small


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All children like to hear stories about when they were small. In this charming picture book by Sara O'Leary and Julie Morstad, a young boy, Henry, and his father reminisce together before bedtime. For chidren there is a whole period of their life that they can not remember and, for all they know, it could have been the most magical time of their life.

You'll love this story for the illustrations alone. Buy all 3 for the complete series. And if you really want - tear out the illustrations and frame 'em.

ISBN: 9781894965361 Published by Simply Read Books in Vancouver, BC Canada.

About the Illustrator Julie Morstad Julie is an award-winning illustrator and fine artist known for her surreal, whimsical work. Illustrator of numerous children’s books, including Singing Away the Dark and When You Were Small and its two sequels Where You Came From and When I Was Small, Julie has exhibited her work in galleries, animated two music videos with her brother, filled up stacks of sketchbooks, and made countless pots of soup and many loaves of bread. She lives in Vancouver with her family.
About the Author Sara O'Leary Sara O'Leary  is a playwright, fiction writer, and literary journalist. She teaches Writing for Children and Screenwriting at Concordia University in Montreal.