It's A Tooth Keeper


Style #80015
This keeper was inspired by an antique ink well that designer Becky Brisco's father used to house all of her little teeth. Each keeper is  made of bronze and houses a removable glass bottle. The interior glass bottle is screened with a place to write a meaningful word, date, or name. Some ideas for treasures one may keep are: baby teeth, locks of hair, precious notes, affirmations, a beloved pet’s whiskers, sand or dirt from adored places. Anything else that you want to keep safe and close. This is a great memento to start off a new little person’s life as they will be able to take it with them when they are grown up. It works great as a mini time capsule too. You can create your own heirloom!
Bronze with Glass Bottle.
About Little Edie Becky Brisco is the brilliant artist behind Little Edie. All items are manufactured and designed in Vancouver, BC. It is her belief that if an object embodies a value that transcends its functional duties - it has the ability to become an ‘artifact’. With Little Edie, she aims to marry the handmade qualities of folk inspired craft with modern machined detailing to create the character of her products.
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