Elk Leather Moccasins


Style #10009
These handmade leather moccasin booties are made from Canadian Elk skin and are stitched together with waxed cotton. The booties feature hand-painted and hand-embroidered embellishments. Colors vary with the seasons and the availability of the hides. This style features beading on the laces on the center back of the boot. They come shipped to you in a cotton muslin duster bag. Because of their precious miniature character, some people purchase them for their young ones to hold onto well after they have outgrown them, as a keepsake. Some people have even bought them for themselves (not for a child) simply to put them on display in their homes.
100%Canadian Elk Leather. Available in Off White (However, each one is unique so colours will vary). Comes in Sizes 0-6M (Length: 4.5"),  6-18M (Length: 5.75")
About Little Edie Becky Brisco is the brilliant artist behind Little Edie. All items are manufactured and designed in Vancouver, BC. It is her belief that if an object embodies a value that transcends its functional duties - it has the ability to become an ‘artifact’. With Little Edie, she aims to marry the handmade qualities of folk inspired craft with modern machined detailing to create the character of her products.
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