It's A Wooden Machi Paris Set


Style #80032
This is a cool wooden set of Paris.The bottoms of the pieces have magnets so that they can attached to the baseboards (which is also a chalk board). As well, chalk can be used to draw on the wooded pieces. Comes with: 2 [content] base plates, 1 Eiffel Tower, 1 Arc de Triumph  a Metro (2 vehicles, 4 lines, 2 signs), 1 piece of chalk, 1 (small all of the tree), metal sheet (base plate).
[Material] Beech
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Can be choking hazard. 
About Kukkia Kukkia is a wooden toy company from Japan. All of the wood used is certified by international organizations to be able to maintain a healthy environment for forest trees. This means they they do not only consume the wood, but they contribute to the surrounding area to protect the forest training, cooperate with forest management, and the protection of the natural environment. You'll fall in love with all of their sweet wooden toys.