This Is Anna June 13 2013, 0 Comments

This is sweet little Anna. She lives in New Jersey. Her gorgeous eyes caught our attention. Her ma is Little Style Finder's Ehrin Ziccardi. We love her hair cut and wish we were as cool as her when we were 5... I mean - her favourite colour is black! Come on!
Name: Anna Nouvelle Ziccardi
Age: 5.5 years old
Where do you live? I was born in NYC, but have lived in New Jersey now for 1.5 years.
What's your favourite colour? Black


What do you like to wear?  I wear a lot of dresses, but nothing overly girly/frilly. My favorite piece is my leather jacket. I love rock 'n roll.
Do you have a favourite book? Junie B. Jones.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  I'm not exactly sure yet, but something along the lines of a rock star doctor designer.
What's in your favourite sandwich?  Ham and Cheese on Wheat with Mustard


I love your hair. Do people always tell you that? Yes, I love having a style that very few kids my age have.  Everyone has long hair.  I like my shorter haircut.
Do you think you look like your mom or your dad?  I look like both, but my mom and I have the same big brown eyes.
What's your favourite thing to do in the whole entire world? Having family dance parties- we have so much fun.