This Is Wolf January 24 2013, 3 Comments

We've never seen a wolf with gorgeous blue eyes until we saw this little guy. This is Wolf. He's 20 months old and lives in Bend, Oregon. You may know his mama Alyson. She's a graphic designer who runs Unruly Things. You can find Wolf all over instagram where his ma posts the cutest photos of him wearing the cutest outfits.

Alyson: hi Wolf, can we sit down for a little interview?
Wolf: **shakes head no and continues to play with legos**

Alyson: pretty please?
Wolf: 'kay.

Alyson: ok, for the record, what's your name? 
Wolf: WOOF!

Alyson: you're 19 months old, right?
Wolf: **smiles** eight!
Alyson: haha, eight is your favorite number, isn't it? 
Wolf: eight!

Alyson: do you like to dance?
Wolf: **bounces and spins in place**

Alyson: what's your favorite food?
Wolf: waf-ful!
Alyson: mmm, I love waffles too.  do you also like macaroni & cheese?
Wolf: roni!! roni!!! 

Alyson: do you like to play outside?
Wolf: ouuuuttssiiiidddeee!

Alyson: what's your favorite thing to do outside?
Wolf: waggie, WAGGIE!
Alyson: **giggling** wagon rides are fun, aren't they?

Alyson: what's your favorite animal?
Wolf: pan-na.  tigor, tigor!  puppy.

Alyson: do you have any pets?
Wolf: mrooww! cat! Rat-cus and Moose.

Alyson: thanks Wolf!  say bye bye!
Wolf: byyyye!