This Is Billie October 13 2012, 0 Comments


This is Billie. She just turned 2 and lives in Montreal, Quebec. This little beauty is a fashionista in the making. This comes at no surprise - her mama, Amelie, is the stylish owner of Boutique Unicorn. We were able to get Amelie to sit down and do a mini interview with Billie.
Amelie: What is your name?
Billie: Biiiii LLIE
A: How old are you? 
B: 1 year
A: No, now you are...
B: 2 years old! 
A: What is your favourite colour?
B: Red.
A: Do you have any pets? 
B: Yeah
A: What is your pet's name?
B: Rubie
A: Do you like shoes? 
B: {Showing her black and white striped slippers} Red.
A. Does Mommy like shoes? 
B. Hahahah! Yeah.