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Lego Movie Posters April 07 2014, 0 Comments

These posters were released during the Oscars - but we've just been too crazy to post anything. We love anything lego-related. But obvs, these posters are completely amazing and smart. Everything is awesome. 

Creepy or Cute? March 05 2014, 0 Comments

"The Luxton Brothers". They recreate all of their childhood photos. See their tumblr here.  

Salt Water Sandals February 12 2014, 0 Comments

Monday February 11 2014, 0 Comments

Sometimes Monday feels like a punch in the face. 
(Image found via Well Fed)

45% Off of Everything! (Until Sunday, January 26) January 22 2014, 0 Comments

UOL Parental Control January 22 2014, 0 Comments

"Don't let your child lose his childhood on the internet". 
Image found via Ads of The World

Just Because December 16 2013, 0 Comments

Just because we love Kate Moss. Her daughter Lila is gorgeous too. 

Black Friday Sale November 29 2013, 0 Comments

We caved. And yes, that code is short for BLACK FRIDAY YO!!!!!!!!!

We Love: David Beckham November 29 2013, 0 Comments

This little girl is crazy cute, but we're more crazy about the man holding her ;)

Girlzzz November 19 2013, 0 Comments

Dope Halloween Costumes October 24 2013, 0 Comments

Check out these amazing costume ideas for your kidlets from Oh Happy Day. Too rad.

We Love: These Tones October 18 2013, 0 Comments

Invisible Creatures October 16 2013, 0 Comments

New Arrivals: POPUPSHOP October 10 2013, 0 Comments

Kate + Ryder October 09 2013, 0 Comments

New Arrivals from Noch Mini October 03 2013, 0 Comments

Alia Wang September 30 2013, 0 Comments

We're loving the style of Alexander Wang's 4-year-old niece Alia Wang. Especially her mini Alexander Wang bags. By the look at her duds, it looks like black is the new black.


How to Make A Baby Quilt September 24 2013, 0 Comments

We came across this rad post on See Kate Sew on how to make a Modern Ombre + Black + White Triangle quilt. 
Click here for the complete instructions.

Creepy, But Kind of Cute September 20 2013, 0 Comments

Found Via aleksandra niepsuj

Happy Friday August 30 2013, 0 Comments

Happy Friday Everyone!

Zara Kids August 15 2013, 0 Comments

We're super inspired by these Zara Kids' looks. We love the styling. It's perfect for little ones and adult ones. Totally up our alley. 


Lucky You... August 12 2013, 0 Comments

Daily Candy August 11 2013, 0 Comments


We so flattered that Daily Kids Kids picked us as one of their favourite online kids' boutiques! The blurb they wrote about us is as follows:
Launched: 2012
The goods: New goods (Popupshop, Nico Nico, Little Dace) mixed with vintage finds
Why we love it: The shop, started by two Vancouver-based pals who met working at Canadian fashion line Dace, has a clear vision: adult-styled clothes in mini-people sizes. The tightly edited selection traffics in muted colors, hipster silhouettes, and one-size-fits-all playthings.


Ack! We're blushing.

Jimmy Fallon + Robin Thicke + The Roots + Classroom Instruments = Cray August 02 2013, 0 Comments